In the Summer of 2011, the President and Founder of the Washington Camanchd Club, Steve Aitchison, relocated to Merced, CA. Following shinty's success in the state of Washington, he hoped to continue spreading the knowledge and appreciation of the sport in Central California. With the nearby Northern California Camanchd Club (NCCC) already well-established, he started a new club, the Central California Camanachd Club (CCCC), to work along side of the NCCC under the banner of the US Camanachd organization (for which Steve serves as the Vice President). Starting with spreading the word and recruiting new players, the club is off to a great start - even taking three players to join with the NCCC at the Pleasanton Games in September for match and demonstration play.

By 2012, the club plans to be fielding a 6-member team to play in the league with the NCCC and will be be representing the sport at many of the regions Highland Games and Celtic events throughout the year. Look for their booth at events and their live demonstrations as they try to help inform people of the great culture and sport of shinty!

While the club is brand new, there is a standing tradition of sportsmanship, knowledge, and fun already there as the foundation which it hopes to build on. So come join the CCCC to play, watch or just be a part of the fun!